Daniel Pirciu

Daniel Pirciu

T-Shaped Marketer
Founder @ LP / Designr

(+40) 720 942 555

Growth Marketer | A specialist at being a generalist

Hiking addict, doer, learning by doing enthusiast, House of Cards fan and growth marketer. Performing at the crossroads of aesthetics and conversion to create great work for living breathing human beings. I sometimes launch side projects just for the sake of testing another tool published on Product Hunt.

I'm also designing landing pages for PPC campaigns @ Lp / Designr.

These days I'm crazy about building stuff fast and without using code.

Recently I've launched, Growth Marketing Courses, a new side project for something that I deeply care about, ongoing and validated learning by doing. It's a curated list of courses reviewed by me, content that helped me along the way.

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