Daniel Pirciu

Daniel Pirciu

Growth Manager @ Ocean Credit & Volt Finance

(+40) 720 942 555

Digital Marketer with a SaaS growth approach.

For digital-focused companies that are looking to drive a steady stream of revenue using digital channels, I am a T-shaped marketer with a proven record of generating growth using a SaaS framework approach along with a range of SEM, SEO, and CRO tactics.

With over 5 years of testing and tweaking different marketing initiatives to generate growth, I’ve helped B2C and B2B companies in building lead generation processes.

One of my lead acquisition strategy generated over €40.000 monthly B2B SMBs in less than 3 months.
Another great result is for a B2C electricity utility service provider that generated a CPL of €6 and a CAC of €42 using PPC and a Conversion Rate of 14% for the Organic Leads.

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